Harbor Foam is an EPS drop off location, if you have scrap EPS you are looking to recycle give us a call and we can help. We will recycle one part or one truckload of parts.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is 100% recyclable. At Harbor Foam we have implemented a process to recycle 100% of our scrap. The process works so great that we have started a program to collect EPS from neighboring companies that would otherwise bring it to the landfill. All of our customers have the option of recycling their scrap EPS. We reprocess the material that we collect and create other usable products out of it.

  • By Melting
  •   By grinding
  • Re grind beads � used for ENERGY RECOVERY
  • Land fill (DISPOSAL)
  • Melting
  •  By recycling all EPS Manufacturing waste by melting and these lumps, pellets are raw material for others products such as Extruded Polystyrene.
  • By Grinding
  • By granulating machines reduce off-cuts of EPS into regrind beads that are used in virgin eps according to the quality of final products.
  • Re grind beads used as a fuel for Energy recovery (Applicable for NON FR GRADE EPS regrind only)
  • The calorific value of EPS NON FR GRADE per kilogram is 40 MJ/kg, at a typical use density of 15-20 kg/m3. The heat energy generated by the EPS incineration process can be utilized for Power generation.
  • Land Fill (DISPOSAL)
  • Landfill-using EPS does bring advantages. EPS waste is inert and non-toxic, so the landfill site becomes more stable. EPS aerates the soil, encouraging plant growth or reclaimed sites.

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